Termite Proofing Treatment Procedure for Constructed Area


Controlling of all kinds of termites using only the approved insecticide by WHO (UN), EPA (USA), FDA (USA).

Method of Treatment:

  • Holes will be drilled in the ground inside the walls at every (5) Five feet distance.
  • The Solution will be poured in the holes in order to create a barrier inside around the walls and ground surfaces.
  • Holes depth will be 18 inches Maximum.
  • Dia of Holes will be 16 to 18mm.
  • Near Fixed wooden Structure, the distance of holes will be decreased, conditional to situation.
  • Near All door Frames 4 Holes will be managed.
  • 4 ml of the chemical will be diluted in 1Ltr of Water.
  • Approximately 2.5Ltr of Emulation will be indulged in 1 hole.
  • All holes will be suitably plugged after treatment.
  • In floor only spray will be done.
  • All fixed wooden structured will be sprayed.
  • The Solution will be Sprayed on all fix wooden structures such as wooden doors, window frames etc.


We will issue warrantee of Five (5) Years on our letter head, if you get problem under warranty inform us, complaint will be solved without any extra / hidden charges.

Be Careful:

All Chemicals remain effective in soil for 5 Years. But Nowadays Some Local Companies and Local Fumigator are giving warranty for more than 5 Years or 10 Years.
Our Question: How they can issue warranty for 10 years, when the chemical is effective just for 5 Years.

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