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Fumigation Services

A highly reliable & trusted name in the pest control industry of Karachi. Providing all kinds of fumigation services in Karachi for more than a decade. And also in interior Sindh, thousands of happy domestic & commercial clients certified by local Government organizations & various international organization. So with this much experience & knowledge, we are ready to provide better service to our new clients & much better experience to the old client. We have never compromised on quality always delivering what people expect from us and for the safe side, we have a warranty policy. Our goal is to offer quality, friendly, timely, and professional fumigation services to our clients. In this competitive field, we provide quality Fumigation in Karachi at a reasonable rate. We are the first recommendation of people for Fumigation Services that’s why our 70% job is basically based on referrals or recommendations. This is the obvious satisfaction result of our client with us. Although there are lots of pest control service providers in Karachi you need to check the professional history of them and you should always choose the best and reputed pest control service, provider. You can check out our huge client list with which we are working.

We are one of the most reputed company dealing in the Pest Control Services and Management services. With the help of a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals, our expert pest control specialists staff are accredited and professionally trained to solve pest infestation from your area. With an in-depth knowledge & experience of building architecture and pest behavior, strategic plans of attack and defense will be formulated to ensure the removal of unwanted visitors and stop any future infestations. We are actively serving the clients with efficient and effective services. We offer all types of professional fumigation services at reasonable costs. We are completely devoted to removing all types of pest problems. We have been recognized as the highest growing Fumigation Company in Karachi. We are one of the oldest Fumigation companies in Karachi. We use only eco-friendly and approved chemicals for pest control. Our team members have a clear understanding of the procedures followed for effective pest control services. We provide effective and affordable service for all pest issues as well as a written warranty against our service. We also provide proactive fumigation services so the problem should be stopped before it occurs. Providing fumigation services for residential & commercial levels with a wide range of chemicals. Dealing in Termite Control Services, Bed Bugs Fumigation in Karachi, Cockroaches Fumigation, Rats Control & Water Tank Cleaning Services in Karachi.

Home, Apartment, Domestic Fumigation


We understand the danger of chemical in homes, therefore we only use those chemicals which are approved by Govt of Pakistan. We guide you about before service preparation & after service, ventilation & cleaning methods. Most domestic Pest issues need just one visit by our Staff. We are Daily providing Fumigation Services in Karachi for Home, Flat, Portion, Apartment, Townhouses all over Karachi. Minimum odor chemical and total odorless are available. Book your schedule according to your own time flexibility. Here you can read our domestic client reviews.

Office, Restaurant, Factory Fumigation


We provide the best pest eradication solution for your business depend on the infestation, we recommend you what is better for your business & as well as for your economy. Either a company should sign monthly, quarterly, or yearly contracts, we suggest them on our first visit. For those clients who sign a yearly Fumigation Service contract with us, we provide for their premises Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solution which is an effective way to stop pests enhancement before it happens. We have a most strong commercial clients list in Karachi. Providing Fumigation Services for all types of commercial sectors. Click Here to view our Commercial Client List.

Commercial Fumigation

Book For Survey


If you are not sure about the pest which is bothering you, don’t worry. We have a proper solution for you, we will visit your location & identify the pest & as well as we will provide the best solution for it.

Usually, we arrange surveys for the following reasons.

  • To know the area size.
  • To know the problem type.
We inspect your area from every point of view, we try to find the Root Cause of every Pest.


Professional and Experienced Staff


We have very Senior & Technical staff and they are available 24/7 to make sure that our client will not face any pest issue. Our all staffs are co-operative & friendly, we have a close check on every staff behavior & our company policy is strict in this matter.


For a better experience, we recommend booking at least two days prior. So it will be easy for both sides. However 99% time we provide same-day service too.

We provide service all over Karachi.

There are no fixed charges. Charges vary from insect to insect and are dependent on area size.

Ofcourse, we are doing on daily basis. In fact our 80% clientage is based on domestic clients.

All pesticides can harm when used inappropriately. However, our technicians are extremely trained in safe pesticide application methods. We use only PPP-approved pesticides/insecticides. Also, We provide detailed guidelines for before & after service preparation.

For termites, we do 2 things first we drill and then we spray. You can read complete termite proofing service here.

Anytime, but we recommend especially for domestic clients to avail our service in morning, afternoon, and evening. Commercial clients have their time bounding or business restrictions. Therefore we provide our service according to their business timing.
If, this question is for weather season. Then in each season, we face different type of insects. So there is no general chemical that covers all the seasonal insects.

Claim Your Warranty:


We treat complaints free of cost without any hidden charges. Now You can claim your warranty online. If your service is under warranty period. you can claim your warranty when you call to make sure, you have an invoice in your hand.

Water Tank Cleaning Service

tank cleaning

We provide water tank cleaning service in Karachi for House, Flat, Factory. Book your service or survey in just one call. For Chemical & Service Details click on the link below.

Water Tank Cleaning

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