Cockroaches Fumigation in Karachi

General Fumigation Services in Karachi

Controlling of all kinds of insects using only the approved insecticide by WHO (UN), EPA (USA), FDA (USA).

Method of Treatment:

For Removing cockroaches, ants. From your area, we spray in whole area.
And the 2 area is very important in this service.

  • First one is your Kitchen.
  • Second is your Drain Line and Gutter lines.

In All Bed Room, Dinning Area we spray through Electric Fogger Machine. After Completing Spray we apply Gel on Kitchen’s Cabinet.
Note: Cockroach usually comes from Drain Line and Gutter lines due to that we spray in it, but in flats / aparmtents, we pass out the chemical through Bathroom / Washroom Drain lines.


We will issue warrantee of Three (3) Months on our letter head, if you get problem under warranty inform us, complaint will be solved without any extra / hidden charges.

Before & After Service Preparation:

  • Empty yor kitchen cabinets.
  • Cover all edible, electronic items, medicine & other sensitive things in roooms.
  • Close your area 4 Hours after service.
  • After that open your area & ventilate it & when smell is totally gone then your family member can go inside.

About Cockroaches:

-To prevent cockroaches from traveling between shared walls, holes, cracks, and crevices should be sealed
-Roaches can also use crawl spaces and low-clearance areas as points of entry to access homes.
-Drains can be another favorite entry point for cockroaches.

For more detail info about Cockroaches & other insects, please check out Pest Control Blog. Where you can find more details.