Does Fumigation Effects Humans?

is Fumigation Harmful to Human?:

Some people claim that their chemical is poisonous to insects, but harmless to humans those are unqualified or irresponsible persons or possibly they don’t have proper knowledge about chemicals. There is no exception, all types of chemical either it is liquid or gas or even gel sometimes, contains a certain level of smell which effects. Fumigants are harmful to humans as well as to insects. Feels bad when some companies were charging extra money for this thing. And because of this ignorance some unwanted incident happened in Karachi in the past.

Proper Procedure & Exposure Hours:

Nevertheless, if proper care is taken, the work is no more hazardous than any other industrial or domestic technique that uses potentially harmful chemicals. Proper use of chemical & precaution will save you, specially don’t enter any fumigated area until the exposure time expires. Ask the service provider about the right service exposure time depends upon problem to problem. That’s the main reason we have a column about an exposure hour in our invoice.

In some countries like USA & etc., “Archives of Environmental Health” in the US, they issue list frequently about service exposure time.

be-safe & keep-safe

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