Strong Smell Chemical vs Min. Smell or odour less Chemical

Strong Smell Chemical vs Min. Smell or odour less Chemical

Before starting i just wanna clear that either a chemical contains Strong Smell or Min. Smell or it is completely odour less. it has nothing to do with the result. The only thing which matter it is the effectiveness of that chemical which can’t judge by smell.

Strong Smell Chemical:

This chemical is effective if only the purpose is to create smell for vertebrates like snakes and etc. So in this case this chemical is effective to repel them.

Min. Smell or odour less Chemical:

These chemicals are better because when a place we fumigate then we have to close that area for a particular amount of time after the completion of exposure time when the owner come to ventilate that area so it takes normally 1-3 Hours after that complete smell will be gone. Which is good nobody like if the smell stuck on their house for 1 week or more.


All Min. Smell or odour less Chemical are also expensive 30% to 40% as compare to strong smell chemicals as well as thier result is also better.

These are the main reasons we don’t use Strong Smell Chemicals.
We can write the name here of those brands but because of legal issues we can not.

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