What to do After Fumigation Service:

  • First Check the exposure hours written on your bill, after completion of exposure hours.
  • Open your main door, then wait for 5 minute then open all your windows & also open fans. Must ventilate the treated area at least for 1-3 Hours depending on area environment (ventilation system).
  • Wash sofa, cabinets, tables, chairs etc with a little bit wet cloth
  • Do your regular cleaning no need to do some extra cleaning but use of little bit phenyl is better.
  • 5- In some cases (1/10 Clients), you might see few Cockroaches or Bed bugs after service but no need to worry because those insect will die when they lick walls or anything which wet by chemical.
  • If After 12-15 Days of service you found insects then feel free to contact us & we will treat it if it is under warranty.

Note: After service only young person or that person go inside who has no sinus issue. Kids & old person avoid to go inside.

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