Bed Bugs Control Service in Karcahi:


Removing Bed Bugs from any infected area is not an easy task. But after taking our service, alot of people are now living in bed bugs free area.

Method of Treatment:

We use two type of chemicals to remove bed bugs, first in the form of spray and second in the form of Gas Tablets.


We will wet everything from the chemical, even we remove your Mattres from bed as well its every woden will be sprayed, also your Sofa, curtains, pillows, furnitures, will be sprayed .

2-Gas Tablets:

After completing spray we place gas tablets in rooms on particular area.
Note: When Gas Tablets is placed, the treatment area will be closed for 10 to 12 hours. And no body can go inside the treated area during the exposure time.


We issue warrantee of Three (3) Months on our letter head, if you get problem under warranty inform us, complaint will be solved without any extra / hidden charges.

Before & After Service Preparation:

  • Cover all edible, electronic items, medicines & other sensitive things in roooms.
  • Close your area 24 Hours after service.
  • After that open your area & ventilate it, normally it takes 2-3 Hours (but it may vary if your area doesn't have proper ventilation system), and when smell is totally gone, then your family can go inside.

About Bed Bugs:

-Bed Bugs have small flat, oval shaped body insects.
-A female Bed Bug lays approximately five eggs in 1 day and about 500 during her lifetime
-Bed Bugs Bites: A bite with a red, swollen area and a dark red center.
- Bed bugs will hide in small cracks and crevices near the bed, in skirting boards or bedside cabinets.

For more detail info about Bed Bugs & other insects, please check out Our Blog. Where you can find more details.